Beef stew with barley in a pot
Thicken Beef Stew By Switching Out The Potatoes For Barley
Swapping out potatoes for barley in your beef stew gives it a much more interesting texture, with the starchy barley thickening the broth while adding its own hearty texture.
A nutty grain that's tender and fluffy, barley can enhance any stew. Tasting Table recipe developer Michelle McGlinn prefers it in her cinnamon apple cider beef stew over potatoes.
To take full advantage of barley, McGlinn adds it once she deglazes the stew pot with liquid, so that the grains soften and absorb the stew’s sweet and savory spices.
However, if you’re using barley that’s chewier than usual, add it to the pot about an hour before the stew is done. Serve the stew with French bread to make it even heartier.