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These Dried Ingredients Will Bring Campari Flavors To Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Campari is a red, bitter Italian amaro often enjoyed as an aperitif, but it's also an essential ingredient in countless classic cocktails, from the Negroni to the Campari Spritz.
If you prefer a non-alcoholic mocktail that still hits the same flavor notes as a classic drink, it is possible to imitate the bitter, herbaceous flavor and scarlet hue of Campari.
Leanne Favre, head bartender of Clover Club, recommends using bright red hibiscus and herbal, bitter orange peels. For the hibiscus element, use food-grade dried hibiscus flowers.
These flowers can be purchased in bulk from most Asian groceries or ordered online. You could also use strong hibiscus tea as the base of your non-alcoholic Campari.
Either dried orange slices or fresh orange peel can replicate the bitterness of the spirit, and if you'd rather use something non-perishable, orange bitters will also work.
Bitters are alcoholic, but only you need a few drops, which many consider to be an undetectable amount of alcohol. The brand Stirrings makes non-alcoholic blood orange bitters.
Campari drinks like the Negroni, Americano, and Boulevardier are very alcohol-heavy, so try recreating drinks like the Bicicletta with your zero-proof "Campari."
Club soda, sparkling white grape juice, and your hibiscus and orange mix make for a great no-alcohol Bicicletta. A Campari Spritz or orange juice-spiked Garibaldi are just as easy.
You might also find non-alcoholic Campari at a "liquor" store dedicated to mocktail ingredients, but making your own is cheaper and lets you prepare as much as you need.
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