Shelves of bourbon bottles
These 12 Discontinued Bourbon Bottles Deserve A Comeback
Maker's Mark
The world of bourbon is ever-changing, but some changes are mistakes, including the 2023 finale of Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series.
The series was right at home in Maker’s Mark strong catalog with a dark, sweet depth, notes of baking spices, and a rich mouthfeel leaving us thirsty for more.
Elijah Craig 12-Year
Elijah Craig’s 12-Year Small Batch was loved for its quality and consistency until 2016, when Heaven Hill distillery dropped the age requirement.
Dropping an age statement lets distilleries create more affordable options, but in the case of the Small Batch, richer notes of caramelized sugar, dark fruit, and oak were lost.
Early Times 354
With a production run of only three years, Early Times 354 didn't have a long run, but with a delicious flavor and smooth mouthfeel, it deserves another chance.
Created in 2011 to elevate the Early Times brand, the gentle, well-rounded whiskey was not too strong on the nose with a pleasant sweetness on the tongue.
Old Ezra 101 7-Year
Old Ezra 101 7-Year was a 101-proof bourbon with a simple flavor that did the basics extremely well with notes of deep caramel, oak, and spice.
Although replaced with a similar 117-proof 7-Year bourbon, there’s nothing to compare to Old Ezra 101, which had a smooth mouthfeel that earned it adoration from its fans.
Jim Beam Bonded
Big name brands like Jim Beam often cycle through different expressions like their now-discontinued 100-proof Bonded bourbon.
Aged for at least four years and bottled at 100 proof, it delivered a robust flavor profile with full-bodied notes of charred oak, toffee, dark fruit, and a lingering spice.