Various sandwiches with fresh fruits and veggies on the side
These 11 Sandwiches Were Popular In The 1950s
Frosted Sandwich Loaf
Also known as a party loaf, frosted sandwich loaves were a cake-esque sandwich made of bread, savory fillings, and a cream cheese coating.
Three popular fillings were mayo with crab, pimento cheese with olives, and cream cheese with watercress. It was then coated in whipped cream cheese and decorated with herbs.
Welsh Rarebit
Welsh rarebit was a popular open-faced sandwich consisting of a slice of toast layered with a cheese fondu sauce typically made of cheddar cheese.
Ingredients like mustard, Worcestershire, dark beer, and hot sauce were incorporated into the cheese sauce, as well as toppings like caramelized onions for extra flavor.
Monte Cristo
Combining sweet and savory ingredients, the Monte Cristo appealed to a wide audience with ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese on white bread topped with powdered sugar.
The sandwich is dipped in egg-milk batter and fried. It is served with a side of jam, preserves, or honey to complement the sweeter elements.
Souper Burger
The souper burger highlights how well soup and sandwiches pair together by incorporating soup directly into the ground meat patties.
The patties were made with ground beef, breadcrumbs, onion, herbs, spices, egg, and some Campbell’s soup to make a moist burger served on toasted buns.
Oyster Club Sandwich
Like a cross between an oyster po’boy and a BLT, the oyster club consisted of fried oysters layered with bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes on bread with mayo.
To update the sandwich, you can lean into the seafood element by adding lemon to your mayo or incorporating seaweed flakes or Old Bay to your oyster batter before frying.