a plate of loaded nachos on a table
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There's Only One Cheese You Should Use For Authentic Texas Nachos
Authentic Texas nachos are all about the details. When it comes to the type of cheese you sprinkle on top, there is only one you should be reaching for: Colby Longhorn cheese.
Cheddar cheese has a distinctive taste, and pepper jack adds a little too much heat. Colby Longhorn’s “mellow” vibe is going to give you a better taste than those other options.
Colby Longhorn cheese is dyed orange, and the flavor is described as mild and sweet, which is a perfect compliment to the heat of the jalapeño that will be set on top of it.
The cheese’s high levels of fat and protein means it melts well, and it’s also easier to grate since it’s a semi-soft cheese. For the best texture, opt for a younger cheese.
The end result is a creamy, smooth taste that blends with your refried beans without overwhelming the salty goodness of the tortilla chip or clashing with the pickled jalapeño.