Chef Rick Bayless at the Food Network Wine & Food Festival
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There's One Fruit Rick Bayless Calls 'Ethereal'
Rick Bayless is known as the winner of "Top Chef Masters" and his passion for Mexican cuisine. The pro chef has revealed that he adores a certain Mexican tropical fruit.
In a tweet, Bayless said, "You can't imagine how much I love the flavor of these beautiful guanabanas we've been working with […] To me, their flavor is ethereal."
The guanabana, also known as soursop, looks like an extra-large, unripe, spiky avocado. The flesh has a creamy texture with a flavor reminiscent of pineapple and mango.
Bayless enjoys making a guanabana margarita with orange liqueur, lime juice, guanabana puree, and blanco tequila. You can also taste this exotic fruit at two of his restaurants.
Bayless' Frontera Cocina offers a guanabana daiquiri, while Topolobampo serves a Tescalate Tart with guanabana. You can also try to seek out the fruit at artisan markets or online.