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There's An Easier Way To Line Loaf Pans With Parchment Paper
Parchment paper is essential for preventing cakes and breads from sticking to a loaf pan, but it doesn't fold very well and tends to flop around wildly when you try to line the pan. Luckily, there is a measuring trick that you can use to fold your parchment paper so that will easily conform to a loaf pan, and all it takes is a few steps.
Start by flipping your loaf pan upside down, then, on the bottom of the pan, place a piece of parchment big enough to fold over all four sides. Fold the paper down over each side, creasing it along the edges of the pan to form a rectangular outline of the pan's base, then make a fold in the paper where the lip of the pan meets the table.
Trim the paper back to where you made the folds marking the top of the pan, and your parchment should be left with four folds, forming a rectangle in the center and four squares in each corner. Using scissors, make a diagonal cut across each of the squares, from the corner of the paper down to the outline of the rectangle.
Now you can stick the parchment into the loaf pan, with the four cuts lining up to each corner of the pan. The paper will overlap slightly at the corners to prevent any cakes or bread from sticking there, and now, you know the best way to shape your parchment and keep your pans undamaged and your baked goods looking perfect.