Grocery cart full of items
There's A Correct Way To Place Groceries On The Store's Conveyor Belt
The grocery conveyor belt is an area where a little bit of planning can pay off tenfold. Arranging your groceries with care can keep them intact and easier to organize at home.
If you put items on the belt at random and a cashier is in a hurry, you can end up with bread squished under milk cartons, frozen items next to hot readymade food, or broken eggs.
To avoid these mishaps, start by grouping items on your shopping list based on where you find them in the store, or based on if they're frozen, canned/packaged, fresh, etc.
As you shop, items will naturally group together in your cart. At checkout, keep your items categorized by weight, temperature, and where they're stored at home.
This grouping system helps the cashier bag similar items together as they go down the conveyor belt. Your groceries will be intact and much easier to sort and unpack at home.