Three freshly baked chocolate chip cookies lying on a wooden surface sprinkled with salt
There's A Better Spot To Store Chocolate Chip Cookies Than Your Pantry
If you're making a batch of cookies and know you'll have leftovers, you can freeze the extras to preserve their chewy goodness.
Once they've cooled, layer them in an airtight container with parchment paper between each layer so they don't freeze together or make a mess while thawing.
The cookies will last about eight to 12 months when frozen, though particularly moist cookies might lose a bit of quality after three months.
Hold off freezing any decorated cookies, as the powder, frosting, or ganache won't keep as well as the bare cookies. The same rule applies when freezing dough.
To thaw, refrigerate them at room temperature or microwave them in 10-second intervals. Just ensure they're laid evenly on a flat, open surface to prevent sogginess.