tiki cocktail garnished with pineapple isolated on white background
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There Is An Actual Reason Cocktails Are Served With A Garnish
There is no denying the charm of a memorable cocktail garnish, and fancy little extras on the rim of your drink at bars and restaurants make you feel like you’re getting something special for the $15 you spent. However, you may wonder if a cocktail garnish is there to do more than just look pretty.
Many classic cocktails are inseparable from their garnishes, which are just as important to the taste of the drink as alcohol or mixers. Garnishes like berries, citrus wedges, and olives bring their own flavors to cocktails, and can be chosen to balance out a drink or enhance the flavors of the other ingredients, according to Food & Wine.
Also, flavor is only part of the equation: garnishes add aroma to a cocktail, which can transform the drinking experience, even if you don't consume the garnish. Scientific American explains that flavor involves many senses, especially smell; if you have a drink garnished with a lemon rind, you'll find that the citrus oils are different from the juice.