Cans if SPAM on a white background
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There Are More Flavors Of SPAM Than You Might Expect
However you feel about the iconic canned meat product that is SPAM, it's been woven into the cultural blanket of America, where far more than one variety is sold for consumption.
The original, plain SPAM was the only flavor sold until 1971, when the Hormel company released two more varieties, and today, the SPAM lineup has over 15 different offerings.
The two new flavors that came to the SPAM party first are Hickory Smoke and SPAM with Cheese, followed by flavors like Hot & Spicy, Jalapeño, Garlic, and SPAM with Bacon.
SPAM is a beloved fixture in Hawaiian and Filipino cuisine, and the brand honored this by releasing flavors associated with the two areas: teriyaki and tocino, respectively.
Occasionally, Hormel also releases limited edition flavors like figgy pudding SPAM and pumpkin spice, but most of these sell out before non-SPAM lovers even hear about them.