A citrus cocktail with a thick sugar rim
The Zesty Secret To Tastier Sugar Rims
To elevate the taste of the sugar rim on a cocktail glass, zest some fresh orange, lime, or lemon peel and add it to your sugar dish for instant flavor and citrusy flair.
Prepare your sugar tray as you usually would, using turbinado or demerara sugar for extra texture. Then, add one to two heaping teaspoons of fresh citrus zest.
Wet the rim of a glass in a shallow tray of water or a juice that matches the zest you're using, then dip in the sugar. Opt for the no-pulp orange juice to pair with orange zest.
A sugar rim with fresh lemon zest pairs wonderfully with a Tom Collins cocktail, and lemon rim can also give a bright kick to sangria or a lemon drop martini.
Try lime zest with a mojito, Singapore Sling, or just some soda water with fresh cucumber slices and mint leaves. Orange zest plays great with a Ramos Gin Fizz or tequila sunrise.