Stock photo showing elevated view of batch of ten mixed white and brown coloured eggs in open disposable cardboard egg box on green background.
The Yolk Tip To Stop Your Eggs From Exploding In The Microwave
Cooking eggs in the microwave has a bad rap, as they tend to explode. As it heats, the water in the yolk turns to steam, which builds pressure until it breaks out in an explosion.
To prevent a microwave explosion, use a toothpick or knife to carefully pierce a tiny hole in the egg yolk, creating a vent as a tiny escape route for the expanding steam.
You can also use this technique to safely cook many egg-based dishes in the microwave. Oeufs cocotte, AKA baked eggs, is one dish that works, provided you pierce the yolks first.
If you're making a microwaved burrito and want a runny yolk, add the yolk to the burrito and then poke the hole. The egg will cook evenly without causing a messy explosion.
For a quick and easy rice bowl, add an egg yolk to a bowl of rice, poke a vent hole into the yolk, and microwave. Drizzle soy sauce over it and enjoy a tasty egg-over-rice dish.
You can even prepare poached eggs for eggs Benedict in the microwave. Reheating fried egg dishes like hash is also a snap, so long as you poke the yolk.