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The WWII Battle Where Potatoes Were Used As Projectiles
Potatoes are a versatile vegetable that can be used for just about any meal — they can grow without fertile soil, sunlight, and can easily fill your belly. However, the sturdiness of potatoes can also make them double as weapons, and that’s exactly what happened when a U.S. Navy ship of the Destroyer Squadron 21 spotted a nearby Japanese submarine.
USS O’Bannon was ready to attack, and a ship of this caliber was certainly decked out in advanced military technology, but after pulling up to the submarine — believed to be a minelayer — the crew realized they were too close to lower their weapons. This left the O’Bannon in an awkward situation where, it would seem, potatoes were the next best thing.
Both crews on the deck lacked firearms, and the Japanese — thinking the potatoes were grenades — threw them back onto the O’Bannon’s deck. This acted as a successful distraction that let Commander Donald J. MacDonald’s crew steer the ship away from the submarine and plunder it from a safe distance.