Spanish breakfast omelette filled with cheese spinach onions and peppers
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The Worst Way To Cook An Omelet
Flipping an omelet properly can be a challenge, but do not turn to your air fryer to cook your omelets. You will not get the same soft and fluffy result.
Air fryers circulate heat to evenly cook foods on all sides, but when it comes to omelets, you'll end up with crisp edges and a firm outer texture similar to a frittata.
Additions like peppers and onions will only be harder to cook in your air fryer as well. Ultimately, it’s always best to cook your omelets in a non-stick pan on the stovetop.
The stovetop method lets you keep a close eye and flip at the right time, and using a pan that's just large enough to fit your eggs will keep your omelet from going flat.