Potato chips in white bowl
The World's Priciest Potato Chips And What They're Made Of
Potato chips are a go-to choice for watching TV or taking to the family potluck, but if you want a fancier taste of this classic snack, try the world’s most expensive potato chips.
With only five chips luxuriously displayed in a black box, St. Erik’s potato chips will set you back $60, but all proceeds are donated to charity.
The chips are made with rare ingredients such as Ammärnas potatoes, Leksand onions, Matsutake mushrooms, truffled seaweed, India Pale Ale wort, and crown dill.
The first release of these chips led to all 100 boxes selling out. If you get your hands on them, enjoy with a St. Erik's India Pale Ale, which the snack is meant to pair with.