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The World's Largest Pecan Pie Required An Absurd Amount Of Ingredients
While decadently sweet pecan pie has found its way onto Thanksgiving tables across America, this dessert is still thought of as a classic down-south dish. It's no surprise that Texans — specifically, the El Paso Diablos Baseball Club — were the ones who came together to break the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest pecan pie.
Few details are available as to how this juggernaut of a dessert was actually made, but the baseball team did document the astounding amount of ingredients that went into it. For the crust, they used 3,471 pounds of flour, 2,085 pounds of shortening, 170 pounds of sugar, 170 pounds of powdered milk, and 3,000 pounds of water.
For the filling, the team used 1,500 pounds of pecans, 13,350 pounds of sugar, 850 pounds of butter, 200 pounds of salt, 6,700 pounds of eggs, 210 pounds of vanilla, and 9,700 of corn syrup. The final pie reached a weight of 41,586 pounds or 18.863 tonnes, which is heavier than the weight of two adult elephants combined.