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The 'World's Best Steak' Has Just Been Crowned
Some steak lovers prefer a buttery ribeye or a melt-in-your-mouth filet, but the annual World Steak Challenge is a competition that actually crowns the world's best steak. In a stunning underdog win at 2022's challenge, a cut from Japan's Starzen Co. took home the gold, beating hundreds of entries, including a three-time winner from Finland.
For the first time in Starzen's eight years of entering the World Steak competition, the meat producer won the title of World's Best Steak with their Wagyu Beef Sirloin. Starzen's ultra-premium A4 sirloin is the first Wagyu cut to win the crown, and also won the titles of World's Best Grain-Fed and World's Best Sirloin in a stunning triple home run.
Starzen Co. attributes the quality of their steak to their Wagyu cows, raised in a subtropical environment and fed a high-calorie diet that distributes marbling throughout their meat. Starzen's win may redeem the company from the last time they hit international headlines, which was due to a 2002 meat mislabeling scandal.