two glasses of red wine with grapes and cheese on a wooden cutting board
The 'Wine Flu' Is Real But More Hydrating Can Help You Combat It
If you wake up after a night of drinking and with a headache, muscle aches, a sore throat, nausea, and light sensitivity, you're probably not sick — you just have “wine flu.”
“Wine flu” is unpleasant, but completely preventable. It's just a special type of hangover caused by drinking a lot of wine, and the key to prevention and treatment is hydration.
Wine is one of the most dehydrating alcohol beverages due to its high sulfate levels. This affects your body’s vasopressin, leading you to urinate more and end up dehydrated.
The easiest way to avoid wine flu is to not drink wine in excess. If you find you're very prone to wine flu, choose lighter and more acidic wines like dry reds or rosé.
Drink one glass of water per glass of wine to help you drink less while staying hydrated. The more hydrated you are, the less you have to worry about getting wine flu.