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The Wine Cork Hack To Help Polish Rusty Kitchen Knives
To give your kitchen knives their shine back, grab a wine cork. Corks are gentle enough not to scratch the blade while being abrasive enough to scrub off debris.
These corks also have small bumps of air bubbles, and when you use them on a knife, the bumps latch onto food particles and rust flakes and gently scrape them off the surface.
Begin by giving your knife a brief rinse under the tap, followed by a gentle scrub using the soft side of a kitchen sponge to eliminate any surface debris.
Next, grab a wine cork and, using its flat end, glide it along the knife's length. For stubborn residue, you can use a mild detergent to give the cork some extra cleaning power.
This method takes longer than more abrasive methods like a scrubbing pad or steel wool but might be worth the extra mile to preserve the fine finish of a more expensive knife.