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The Whole Foods Seafood Freebie You Should Take Advantage Of
Whole Foods not only offers a ton of goods, but also quite a few services for customers, and you can ask your local store's fishmonger for a particularly useful favor.
Fishmongers at certain Whole Foods locations will cut, debone, and season your fish and other seafood for you before wrapping it up for you to take home.
Though the exact service can vary, and busier stores may send you off with seasoning in a bag, many locations will steam, smoke, and/or flavor your seafood upon request.
You can choose from Whole Foods' Cajun seasoning, lemon and herb, tequila lime, spicy habanero, Old Bay, and more for your pre-peeled shrimp, butchered crabs, and fileted fish.
Best of all, regardless of whether the store's team seasons, steams, or smokes your items, you only need to pay the price for the seafood itself with no extra fees.