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The White House Dessert Request Roland Mesnier Called 'Disgusting’
Countless world leaders and visiting dignitaries have been entertained inside the White House, and presidential dinners and celebrations require a great deal of cooking. The culinary staff and equipment in the White House kitchen is on par with the world's best restaurants, but one chef isn't very proud of a certain dessert he served.
White House pastry chef Roland Mesnier turned up his nose at green bean sorbet, which was served during a White House St. Patrick's Day event. The frozen dessert was requested by Senator Kennedy, but when Mesnier saw the faces of the diners who sampled the sorbet, it confirmed his suspicion that it wasn't a hit.
The strange sorbet is a definite outlier in the White House's great history of desserts fit for a president. Mesnier has worked in the White House kitchen since 1979, and has crafted sweet treats including a gingerbread White House, a floral arrangement of fresh fruit and melon sorbet, and a chocolate coffee mill filled with coffee ice cream.