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The Whiskey Infinity Bottle, Explained
The idea of the whiskey infinity bottle is to find an empty vessel, such as a blending bottle or decanter, then pour in a dram of any new whisky that you buy, as well as the ends of whiskies you haven't got around to finishing. The result is a unique blend that tastes like nothing else — but many may not know where this practice started.
While the infinity bottle has picked up traction in recent years, its roots go back to a distillery practice known as "solera," which likely originated in 18th-century Spain. The practice involves topping off older casks of sherry with newer ones to create careful and unique blends, but with your own personal infinity bottle, there are no rules.
You can top up your bottle however you want and experiment with combinations, and even add a label listing what whiskey you've added by date. If there is a rule, it's to never let the bottle go empty; every time you pour a dram out, replace it with more whiskey so the bottle is never ending and always evolving to represent your tastes.