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The Whipped Ingredient You Should Be Adding To Boxed Cake Mix
Boxed cake mix can be used to make beautiful and delicious cakes that can taste just as good as those from a bakery. Adding extra ingredients such as whole milk, instant pudding, or flavored extract can give any mix a bigger flavor upgrade, but this one clever addition can drastically improve the texture instead.
Mixing egg whites instead of whole eggs into your boxed cake mix can help the cake come out extra fluffy. Airy whipped egg whites folded into any cake batter can create a more structured, lofty, and moist cake, and to try it with boxed mix, simple whip and incorporate two egg whites for each egg called for on the label.
If you choose to buy a carton of already-cracked pure egg whites, measure out one-quarter cup to sub in for one freshly-cracked white, and after whipping the whites into peaks, use a light hand to mix them into the batter. Vigorous mixing can deflate the whites and cause the cake to lose some or all of its airy texture.