A portrait of Queen Victoria.
The Well-Known Whisky Distillery Most Loved By Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria took frequent holidays to Scotland, and apart from her love of its serene landscapes, she was also fond of its luxurious whiskies.
A few particularly caught her attention, including the blended Scotch whisky distilled by James and John Chivas, the originators of Chivas Brothers whisky.
John and James Chivas wanted to deliver a smoother, more decadent blended whisky to their high-class customers, and in 1843 Queen Victoria even issued them a royal warrant.
A Royal Warrant of Appointment is a mark of recognition to people or businesses that regularly supply goods or services to the monarch.
In the 1860s, Chivas Brothers released their popular 10-year-old blend aptly titled Royal Strathythan, a name reflecting their royal approval from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.