ramekin of Texas Green Sauce
The Well-Known Texas Green Sauce For Serious Jalapeño Lovers
Texans love their spicy food. Favored dishes across the state come packed with heat — from tangy queso and salsa to the Lone Star favorite, cowboy candy.
One such classic is the legendary Texas green sauce, beloved by locals and visitors alike. Its main ingredient, jalapeño, has even been deemed the state’s official pepper.
Known affectionately as “that green stuff,” the sauce is a creamy condiment that complements both Tex-Mex and American food staples like quesadillas and hot dogs.
Its origins are not the only thing hotly debated about this sauce, as there are many theories about which ingredient is responsible for its silky smooth, creamy texture.
The best-known recipe comes from Austin’s famous food-truck scene. According to “Dining with the Dead” authors Mariana Nuño Ruiz and Ian McEnroe, its key is emulsification.
The culinary power couple says the sauce gets its creaminess from the emulsified oil and garlic — like a traditional aioli — with the addition of fresh jalapeños, onions, and salt.
An older version, which uses sour cream to create the creamy texture, can be traced to Houston and credited to the late owner of The Original Ninfa restaurant, “Mama Ninfa” Laurenzo.
The other ingredients used in this recipe include green tomatoes, tomatillos, jalapeños, garlic, avocados, and cilantro. Surely, Texas is big enough for fans of both classics.