Bowl of ravioli with a fork
The Way Your Wine Bottle Doubles As A Ravioli Maker
Wine may be the perfect accompaniment to ravioli, but it's even better to break out a bottle of wine before dinner starts to use it as an easy, makeshift ravioli press.
Most wine bottles have rigid bottoms that create perfect ravioli shapes, acting like a cookie cutter when you press them down on the layers of pasta and sealing the filling inside.
To try this hack, roll out your pasta dough and spoon on dollops of filling in a uniform pattern that is spaced apart according to the size of your wine bottle.
Place the second layer of dough atop the first, then use the bottle to firmly press around the mounds of filling to fuse the dough. Cut out each ravioli along the outlines.
To prevent the bottom of the bottle from sticking, consider giving it a light coating of flour, and start by pressing down gently before applying more pressure.
It’s crucial not to overfill the ravioli, so aim for about a tablespoon of filling for each one. Also, let the dough come to room temperature so it has the proper texture.