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The Way You Should Order Comfortably-Priced Wine At
A Restaurant
If you’re not a wine expert, you may worry about ordering the best wine within your price range. The trick is to be clear about your budget with your server or sommelier.
A good sommelier knows every wine on their list, but part of assembling and selling a good list requires having suitable options in a range of prices.
Telling a server you want a moderately priced wine isn't specific enough. A $40 bottle may be a splurge for some, while for others, a $400 bottle is suitable for an ordinary night.
Your best bet is to either specify a price or a price range, or simply point at the section of the wine list that has offerings in a scope that you're comfortable with.
Good sommeliers want you to be pleased with your selection, regardless of your budget. Be direct and you'll be far more likely to end up with a comfortably priced wine.