Carrot cake.
The Way You Should Be Grating Carrots For Carrot Cake
When making carrot cake, the way you grate the carrots plays a crucial role in the final result. You don't want the carrots to disrupt the texture of the cake and make it crumbly.
Not only do carrots add a wonderfully sweet, earthy flavor to pair with baking spices, but they also contribute to the cake's luscious texture when grated properly.
Carrots provide a soft yet toothsome texture to your cake, while their water content imparts a sumptuous moistness. However, this is only the case if they're shredded finely enough.
The carrot shreds must be small and thin to ensure that they soften properly and blend into the cake when baked. The finer side of a box grater is the ideal tool for this task.
Large carrot pieces can have big consequences. They don't distribute evenly throughout the batter or soften properly, leading to an oddly crunchy cake with a poor structure.