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The Way You Season Fish Is Probably Drying It Out
Fish is one of the healthiest proteins out there and there are many methods to cook it. No matter how you prepare it, though, an essential tip to make fish that isn’t over-dried is to season it properly and to know when to use the seasoning during the cooking process.
Mild white fish, like tilapia, should be seasoned lightly and with bright flavors that complement the meat’s natural flavors, rather than. You should not over-season these types of fish, so as not to cover up their natural flavors with overly potent seasonings and herbs.
However, dense, fleshy fish, like salmon or tuna, can stand up to stronger flavors and may need more seasoning for fattier cuts. A marinade is a good option for dense fish, but keep it simple and short, as marinating fish for more than an hour can produce a mushy texture.
While over-cooking will certainly dry out your fish, salt can pull the moisture out of it, too. Salt should be applied late, just before the fish is cooked thoroughly, to flavor the meat without drying it, and if you use a marinade, it should have minimal salt to maintain the meat's texture.