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The Way You Mix Brownie Batter Determines How Fudgy They Are
Here’s a question to keep you up at night: Is a brownie a cake or a cookie? Your answer probably depends on whether you prefer your brownies fudgy and chewy like a cookie or light and airy like a cake; if you’re in the former category, try this tip to get the fudgiest brownies.
The way you mix your batter can affect the texture of your brownies. Avoid using a whisk or handheld mixer and instead use a silicone spatula to fold your ingredients together because if you stir it too much, you'll introduce pockets of air into your batter that give it a cake-like texture.
To get even gooier brownies, add melted butter and additional chocolate to your batter to make it moister and denser. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a cakey brownie, feel free to whisk away, and add extra leavening agents like baking soda and flour to create a light and airy batter.