Slotted spoon with pasta over pot of boiling water
The Way To Transform Pasta Into A Savory Pie Crust
If you ever have extra pasta on hand, but no more sauce to serve it with, consider using up the leftover noodles by turning them into a savory pie crust.
With the exception of ravioli and other filled pastas, pretty much any pasta will work for this recipe. You also need eggs and cheese of your choice, which will impact the flavor.
Cheddar will give your crust a mac and cheese-like flavor, while mozzarella will give it an Italian flair. You can also opt for Swiss or Gruyere for a subtler flavor.
Mix a few cups of cooked pasta with a cup or two of cheese, two eggs, and any seasonings you’d like. Then, press it into a pie dish and bake at 350 for 20 minutes.
From there, get creative with your filling. Try using the crust as a starchy base for a casserole, a crust for deep dish pizza, or simply fill it with meat, sauce, and veggies.