English style beans in pot with silver spoon
The Way To Tell When Your Beans Are Properly Soaked
Soaking dried beans is essential to soften them and break down compounds that can cause digestive discomfort. You can look for these signs to tell if they're properly soaked.
The time needed for soaking can vary based on bean type, size, and age. If the beans have doubled in size, it usually means they’ve absorbed enough water to be cooked.
As the beans soak, their skins also turn smoother. If their skins are still wrinkled, they might need more soaking, but if they're split beans, they may have been over-soaked.
You can also test the texture by giving one bean a gentle squeeze between your fingers. It should yield under slight pressure, but shouldn't be mushy or disintegrate entirely.
Lastly, a properly soaked legume should separate easily down the middle when you try splitting it. The skin should be easy to peel, but not fall off on its own.