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The Way To Prevent Dairy Ingredients From Curdling In Potato Soup
Many recipes for potato soup call for at least one dairy ingredient to enhance the soup's flavor and texture, but this poses a problem: heat can easily curdle dairy.
Curdling occurs when milk-based products are exposed to hot temperatures too quickly, causing the protein in the dairy to separate from the water.
To keep dairy ingredients from curdling, cook the soup on low-to-medium heat only, stirring frequently. Lower the temperature if it nears the boiling point.
You can also try using dairy products with a higher fat content, such as heavy cream. Fat acts as an insulator to prevent the water and proteins from seizing up.
Adding another thickener, such as wheat flour-based roux, potato starch, or cornstarch, can also help to stave off curdling by emulsifying the soup and keeping it smooth.
Lastly, add your dairy to the soup at the very last step. Temper the dairy first by whisking a little of the hot soup broth into it before pouring the mixture into the soup pot.