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The Way To Order The Three C's On Starbucks' Secret Menu
Starbucks' "secret menu" consists of countless fan-made drinks like the pink Starburst refresher, the cake batter Frappuccino, and a drink incorporating "the three C’s."
The three C’s refer to cinnamon, chocolate, and caramel. To order this decadent drink, start by asking for a cinnamon dolce latte, either hot or cold depending on your preference.
Next, add mocha syrup as well as caramel syrup. The number of pumps to ask for depends on how much sweetness and flavor you want, and how large your drink is.
There are other ways to get the "three C's" in a custom drink. You can use the mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino or mocha Frappuccino as your base with extra cinnamon powder.
If you want more coffee in the mix, opt for a java chip Frappuccino or white chocolate mocha Frappuccino and swap out the mocha drizzle for a caramel drizzle and cinnamon powder.
For a fruitier flavor in the fall time, try using the caramel apple spice drink as a base and add a chocolate drizzle and cinnamon powder for a more complex final product.