Martini glass with splashing olives. High contrast with hard lighting.
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The Way To Order A Martini At The Bar Like A Total Pro
Although martinis are a classic cocktail, they're also customizable, so ordering one isn’t exactly simple. There are a few terms to learn before you can order the drink like a pro.
The first hurdle is to decide whether you’d like a gin or vodka martini. Then, specify the amount of vermouth you’d like by asking for the martini "dry," "wet," or "perfect."
"Dry" refers to a martini with little vermouth, while a wet martini has a standard amount of vermouth. "Perfect" has a 50-50 ratio of vermouth and either gin or vodka.
After you’ve specified your ratio preferences, you can think about ordering a dirty or extra-dirty martini, which incorporates varying amounts of olive brine into the drink.
Lastly, unleash your inner James Bond and say whether you’d like your drink shaken or stirred. You might even be able to choose a garnish of a lemon peel, pickled onion, or olive.