Pile of butternut squashes
The Way To Give Butternut Squash All The Crunchy Textures This Fall
As autumn approaches, seasonal delicacies like butternut squash take the spotlight. To add a crunchy texture to the soft squash, try making butternut squash fritters.
With tons of sweet and savory fall flavor and a toothsome texture, butternut squash fritters require only a few ingredients and a bit of prep time to make.
Start by peeling the squash and grating it into very thin pieces, which will ensure that the fritters cook evenly and achieve a perfectly crispy texture.
Then, add eggs and some flour to bind the mixture, along with your choices of seasonings, whether you use traditional nutmeg and sage, cumin, or even a hint of chili.
Mix the batter and then drop spoonfuls into a skillet full of simmering oil. Fry each fritter on both sides until golden brown, then serve with sour cream or a yogurt dip.