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The Way To Get The Best Short Ribs For Your Money, According To Ina Garten
To get the most out of your short ribs without sacrificing quality, use celebrity chef Ina Garten's tips for strategic prep to give the illusion of more meat.
Garten does this with her braised short rib recipe by cutting the ribs into two-inch chunks. This better disperses the meat throughout and ensures a chunk is in every bite.
This gives the illusion that there's more meat in the dish than there actually is. It also allows the ribs to cook faster and develop that signature melt-in-your-mouth texture.
According to her recipe for red-wine braised short ribs, Garten recommends choosing "very meaty" ribs that have at least an inch and a half of meat on top of the bone.
You also want to opt for ribs with a thin layer of fat at the top of the rib and consistent, thin marbling throughout. This ensures they won't end up tough and chewy.