Trader Joe's grocery store exterior with carriages
The Way To Approach The Coffee Aisle On Your Next Trader Joe's Visit
Even if you have a go-to coffee brand, you’ll want to check out Trader Joe’s coffee products for their small lot coffee roasts, which could easily rival a local blend near you.
TJ's small lot coffees come from small farms, with each having its own unique spin on its roast. These coffees are packaged quickly after being harvested, so they’re very fresh.
One option is Arroyo Bonito Estate, a medium roast with notes of dried cherry, raisin, and plum. Indian Pearl Mountain is an option that tastes of milk chocolate and dried figs.
Zamora Ecuador is another medium roast with flavors of dark chocolate and nutmeg. At TJ's, go straight for the small lots, but know that selection is often limited to a few roasts.