Slices of bologna next to log of bologna on wooden surface
The Way Moose Bologna Became A Staple Delicacy In Newfoundland, Canada
As home to over a million moose, it's no surprise that Canada, specifically Newfoundland, is also the birthplace of moose bologna.
Because nearly all of its produce needs to be shipped to the island, meat has historically been expensive. Bologna offered a cheap, flavorful solution that Newfoundlanders loved.
Although not native to Newfoundland, moose were first introduced to the island in 1904, and by the 1930s, the population was so dense that they introduced a moose hunting season.
Since moose are so large, weighing nearly 1,200 pounds, Newfoundlanders had to get creative with the meat, and moose bologna emerged as a local delicacy.
Despite being a game meat, moose has a fairly mild flavor, pairing well with a host of spices, and Newfoundlanders have even created moose salami and pepperoni.
It isn't exactly clear when moose bologna became popular, but it remains a staple. Recently, citizens have been eating more local foods, like cod, rabbits, seabirds, and moose.