Ina Garten smiling in a kitchen
The Way Ina Garten Perfects Seared Pot Roast
Chef Ina Garten's famous Company Pot Roast is the talk of anywhere it’s served. According to her recipe, Garten coats her boneless beef chuck roast with flour before searing it.
The flour creates a Maillard reaction which browns the meat and enhances the flavor with a caramelized effect. It also creates a crunchy, crispy outside and a tender interior.
Garten explains that adding flour to a roast also creates a thick pan sauce. The flour soaks up the fat and juice from the searing process for a smooth, savory, and tasty sauce.
Flour helps salt and pepper adhere to the surface of your roast to enhance its overall flavor. It also locks in juices for a more succulent, moister pot roast.