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The Way Angela Lansbury Took Her Tea
With the passing of Angela Lansbury, one of the last iconic stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age, the public is reminiscing on her many movie and TV roles. One of the most notable moments in her career was when she lent her voice to Mrs. Potts from “Beauty and the Beast,” and Lansbury took her tea pretty seriously in real life, too.
Lansbury was of English, Irish, and Scottish descent, making her predisposed to tea drinking, and she once told The Irish Times, “I drink very strong tea. You can't get it in London. I'll have to get some Barry's, but I don't know where.” Barry's is a brand of teas produced in Cork in southern Ireland, known for the strength and complexity of their brews.
Apart from the tea, Cork held a special place in Lansbury's heart, since she and her two children lived in the village of Conna in the 1970s. Lansbury was very involved in the local community, and reportedly visited the village every summer to relax and reconnect with friends, likely over a few strong cups of Barry's tea.