Homemade  Italian Traditional Gnocchi made with natural ingredients
The Water Boiling Tip To Follow When Making Gnocchi
Gnocchi are delicate pasta dumplings that require delicate assembly and cooking. After the hard work of forming gnocchi, you’ll want to ensure they don't fall apart while boiling.
Unlike other types of pasta, gnocchi don't benefit from a vigorous, rolling boil. For dumplings with a soft, pillowy interior and a smooth exterior, you only have to simmer them.
Heat a pot of water to a strong simmer, then carefully drop the gnocchi in. They should be cooked in just two or three minutes, and will float to the top of the pot when done.
Remove the gnocchi from the water with a slotted spoon and proceed with your recipe. Remember not to crank the heat too high and your gnocchi-making process will be a bit easier.