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The Warming Trick For Better Store-Bought Corn Tortillas
Many of us know that biting into a fresh-from-the-bag, store-bought corn tortilla is a rather crumbly and almost sour-tasting experience. These tortillas are greatly improved by warming them up, and while any old pan and a burner on the stove will do a decent job, there’s an extra step you should take for an even better texture.
Because store-bought corn tortillas tend to be a bit dry, spritzing some water on them before heating them up in a pan will make them less crumbly. Adding water to the tortillas before applying heat will steam them a bit, allowing them to soften fully while the heat creates those desirable crispy brown spots on the surface.
You can either add a bit of water to a hot skillet and then add the tortilla, or brush or sprinkle water on both sides of the tortilla before or during cooking. Another option is to quickly submerge the tortilla in some water and immediately put it into the hot skillet, which creates more of a steaming effect for an even softer tortilla.