ALEXANDRIA, VA - APRIL 20, 2018:  A business sign hangs over the entrance to a Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop in the Old Town section of Alexandria, Virginia. (Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)
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The Wacky Way Ben & Jerry's Used To Break Up Toffee For Its Ice Cream
Ben & Jerry's has come a long way to become one of the biggest ice cream companies in the world. The famous two founders of the brand started their ice cream operation out of an old, unfinished gas station, and Ben and Jerry have used odd tricks over the years to create their popular flavors, including Toffee Bar Crunch.
In honor of its 42nd anniversary, Ben & Jerry's listed 42 facts about the company on its website, and revealed how the team made toffee pieces for the original pints of Toffee Bar Crunch. Rather than using special equipment, Jerry simply dropped boxes of toffee from on top of a ladder, breaking candies apart on impact.
Toffee Bar Crunch is now a much-enjoyed flavor among fans. The combination of vanilla and coffee ice cream packed with pieces of toffee has survived throughout Ben & Jerry's constant innovations of new flavors, and subsequent retiring of old flavors, such as Heath Bar Crunch, the flavor that Toffee Bar Crunch replaced.