Samosas with bowls of green chutney and ketchup on a wooden board.
The Vital Tip For Frying Samosas Perfectly
Samosas should have a flaky, crispy crust outside, and the spiced potato filling should be fully cooked inside. The temperature of the frying oil is vital for perfect results.
You must bring your frying oil to a medium-high temperature, then turn it down to medium. This ensures that the oil won't cool too much when you actually fry the samosas.
Samosas should be fried in oil at around 355 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, so heat it to 400 degrees first before you start cooking. Always use a thermometer to gauge the temp.
Let the oil cool to the right temperature and it will remain consistent throughout the frying process. Avoid letting the oil dip below 355 degrees, or the samosas will be soggy.
Depending on the sizes of your pan and samosas, batch fry a few at a time for three to four minutes, turning them at least once and monitoring the oil temp just in case.