Iced coffee with straw in plastic cup
The Viral Cracking Latte On TikTok Is The Satisfying Sip Of Summer
A new iced coffee trend on TikTok is the cracking latte. In its simplest form, it’s a latte with chocolate frozen to the cup, which you can squeeze to hear the chocolate crack.
To make a cracking latte, get a plastic cup like coffee shops use for iced coffee. Coat the sides of the cup in melted chocolate and freeze it until the chocolate hardens.
Then, fill the cup with ice, cold brew, and milk and you've got yourself a cracked latte. If you want to take it a step further, try topping your iced coffee with banana cold foam.
This trend leans heavily on the ASMR vibes of cracking chocolate, but the pleasant crack of the chocolate is somewhat overpowered by the crunch of the plastic cup.
Because the chocolate is frozen and the coffee is cold, there's almost no chocolate flavor. You’ll need to add non-frozen chocolate if you want the drink to taste like chocolate.