Pile of zucchinis
The Very Best Alternatives For Zucchini
Whether you’re tired of zucchini or simply looking to expand your veggie arsenal, one of the best swaps for zucchini is its closely related cousin: pumpkin.
The two squashes share a similar earthy flavor, although pumpkin is a bit sweeter and fruitier, making it a great swap for sweeter recipes like bread and baked goods.
Other Squash
Since zucchini is a squash, the best substitutes are other squashes, but if you want a less sweet option than pumpkin, try yellow summer squash or pattypan.
Yellow summer squash and pattypan have nearly identical flavors to zucchini, but note that summer squash has more seeds and pattypan has a flying saucer-like shape.
Sweet Potato
Although starchier and sweeter than zucchini, sweet potato has a high moisture content and a sturdy texture making it a great swap for anything from bread to "noodles."
Aside from sweet potato noodles, or "spoodles," you can swap in sweet potatoes for anything from soup and chili to fritters, casseroles, or gratin.
You likely already have carrots in your kitchen, so try swapping them for zucchini in dishes like ratatouille, roasts, or as a side dish on their own.
Plus, carrots work in sweet recipes, and they’re great for baking bread as their 88% water content adds much-needed moisture for a perfect crumb.
If you’re craving fried zucchini but don’t have zucchini on hand, potatoes are the go-to swap that you likely already have in your pantry.
You can also give potatoes the zucchini treatment — with spices, sauces, and toppings usually paired with zucchini— to make your fries, potato chips, or fritters even tastier.