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The Versatile Ingredient Type Essential To Thai Stir Fry
Thai-stir fries are relatively new inventions, borrowing techniques from Chinese stir-fries to create uniquely “Thai-style” dishes. Chinese ingredients like oyster sauce and soy sauce are commonly used, but so are traditional Thai seasonings like tamarind, fish sauce, and a vital category of ingredients known as aromatics.
Some Thai stir-fries are sticky with curry paste, while others are dry and spiced, but the one common thread is the aromatic component, which refers to vegetables, herbs, or spices that imbue the dish with extra fragrance and flavor. Thai cuisine uses aromatics that are much different from the typical Western onions, carrots, and celery.
Thai cuisine depends heavily on chilis and herbs, such as galangal, a member of the ginger family that adds a peppery flavor to fish sauce-heavy stir-fries. Special types of basil are also essential, such as holy basil with a strong, spicy flavor, while Thai basil is used in stews and curries for its sweetness; in any case, just don't forget the aromatics.