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The Versatile Ingredient Bobby Flay Keeps Stocked In The Fridge
Creating great meals doesn't have to be all about fancy techniques; you can also use ingredients that add extra flavor to even the easiest of recipes, which can be a godsend on busy weeknights. One versatile flavor enhancer that is super-simple to make is brown butter, which is heartily endorsed by Food Network chef Bobby Flay.
Brown butter is simply made of unsalted butter that is melted over low heat, then cooked until the milk solids change from a golden hue to a rich brown color. Flay explained to “Today” that this rich, nutty, and complex ingredient can enhance countless recipes, including cakes, seafood dishes, and pasta, just to name a few.
Brown butter makes for a more flavorful substitute for regular butter, whether you use it to cook eggs, pour it over popcorn, or use a few spoonfuls to add richness to pasta sauce. Flay notes that you can make more brown butter than your recipe calls for and store it in a covered container in the fridge for extra convenience.